Bringing back Booth Maternity Center

I’ve been thinking alot about our mission to offer health care choices

and birthing options to women and their families. What would be ideal
for the women we serve, how are we advocates for the health care of
women and how will we be successful in our mission?

When I first came to Philadelphia I was so lucky to work at Booth
Maternity Center. I thought it was the best kept secret in
Philadelphia! I was a young midwife and I would go out and tell people
where I worked. Few people who had lived in Phila. all their lives
knew of Booth. I remember working with the most dedicated staff which
included the best nurses, midwives, therapists and parenting
educators, office staff, a couple physicians, and others that
supported the core business of Booth. I loved being a midwife at
Booth. We worked long hours, had a clear vision of allowing women to
be a voice their care and felt so blessed to be present and be the
helping hands for women at their birth. It was really something
magical. Women could walk around in labor, be nourished with gentle
foods and liquids, sit in the jacuzzi for pain relief, have
intermittent fetal monitoring and if the woman truly needed a C-
Section we had a functioning OR. One of the physicians would come in
to provide an epidural if there was a long protracted labor. I’ll bet
the C-section and epidural rate was less than 10%. We were so
committed in giving safe and satisfying care. Children and families
were very much a part of the prenatal and postpartum care and could be
present for the labor and birth. I remember once getting ready to help
a woman at birth and having to fight for my position at the end of the
bed with a little girl. When the baby came out she said “where are the
babies clothes?”.

My dream is to bring Booth back. Not just the memories and the magic,
but the respectable, supportive, safe, inclusive, committed, positive,
family centered health care, team approach which views birth as a
normal process.

I welcome everyone to be a part of this discussion. Include your
thoughts of what we can do together to build our dream. In honor of my
mom, Netty, who had the incredible strength to push me out, I wish you
all a wonderful mothers day!

Vivian Lowenstein, CNM     (November 9, 2013)

“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the
world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead