Vision Statement

Womencare was established to improve maternity and well-woman care to women and their families. A key objective of our non-profit organization is to establish a health care facility, preferably a federally qualified health center (FQHC), within Philadelphia to provide quality services for women’s health,       maternity care and related health and social service needs.

We do not have a facility for a Maternity Center yet. If you are interested in resources for                maternity, well-woman, or other supportive services go to our Womencare Birth Guide.

The philosophy and goals of the Womencare Health and Maternity Center are to:

  • Provide safe, quality, and continuity of care for women and their families.
  • Support women as they plan their health care.
  • Respect women’s and families cultural traditions for childbirth.
  • Work as a team of a variety of health care providers to provide cost-effective care.
  • Be governed by a Community and Womencare’s Health & Maternity Center Board.
  • Have collaborative support from hospitals in the community & region.
  • Serve the healthcare needs of women and their families in the community.

Our Vision of the Maternity Center:

  • Located in Philadelphia
  • Accessible by pubic transportation
  • Access to hospitals where there will be a formal agreement for transfer of women and babies with health risks.

It is anticipated that there will be less preterm birth, resulting in fewer low birth weight babies and a cesarean section rate of less than 10% with a staff of Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) and OB/GYN physician support.

Services and Physical facility needs:

  • Birthing suites and operating rooms.
  • A maternity triage center to include antenatal testing and a sonogram department.
  • Ambulatory care offices and exam rooms for OB/GYN, pediatric care and mental health services.
  • An educational center for various classes and support groups.
  • Offices for social workers, therapists and psychiatrists.
  • A childcare center for families and staff.

Plans to have diverse staffing: 

  • Certified Nurse-Midwives and OB/GYN physicians to provide 24/7 hour coverage.
  • Nurses, lactation consultants, doulas
  • Nurse-Anesthetists and anesthesiologists
  • Sonogram technicians for ultrasounds, mammograms and bone density scans.
  • Childbirth, parenting and women’s health educators.
  • Pediatricians & Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.
  • Mental health therapists and a psychiatrist
  • A Momobile staff for outreach to the community and social services/social workers.
  • Childcare health workers & educators.

We plan to offer neighboring hospitals referrals, low risk triaging and preventive maternity, women’s health and pediatric care in the community and a cost effective model of women’s health & maternity care.